Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

A Little About Me

Committed to Beauty Empowerment

I have to admit I have a small obsession with "Perfect" eyebrows. We all have our own eyebrow stories, sadly explaining how we got to the point we are today in life with our current brows.

My eyebrow journey started in high school when I ruined my whole life by plucking the majority of my eyebrows out  to fit in with that years brow trend. Quickly thin brows were out and thick brows were in. As I got older, I realized that my precious eyebrow hairs said goodbye forever. Since then I have spent countless hours, days, probably years of time, filling in my eyebrows.

My entire life I have always been into beauty and I knew I always wanted my own business working for myself, but I never really knew what or who my business would serve. So I did what every other 20 something kid did and I went to college and earned my M.B.A. in Human Resources and started working for corporate America.

My days consisted of hiring and firing, reminding employees about company policies and being a sounding board for everything negative. However, there were things that I did enjoy from HR and that was having the ability to help someone in a positive way and having the power to give someone an opportunity at a job that could change their life. Mainly I enjoyed helping people.

Many years ago my friend told me about microblading, I was immediately intrigued and I quickly scheduled my first session. The experience was meek and customer service was below par. The second and third attempts of microblading were not much better! 

In 2019 I came to the realization that permanent makeup is something that I believe I could be great at. I am very particular about my own brows and I tend to catch myself being a "brow judger" (not in a bad way). But overall I wanted to help women gain confidence like they never had before.

I signed up for training and luckily met a wonderful and talented trainer, started taking clients and have never looked back since. I took a leap of faith got training from the best of the best and now I help women find their inner confidence and foster beauty empowerment in the most positive way! 

Thanks for Visiting! Erica